Service Overview

Always bear in mind that depending on your needs, we’re the top best storage services in Dubai. We can store your belongings while they wait to be moved or we can keep them for extended periods of time. We also have a well-maintained monitoring system, a fire alarm that goes off in advance, a 24-hour security system for our warehouse, and full certification and insurance. Our compact luggage sections are designed to hold all of your needs, as well as storage for premium items like couches and refrigerators.


How It Works ?

We are dedicated to provide our esteemed clients a safe and secure moving service. Portable moving containers provide a hybrid method of moving that is affordable. You can keep your stuff before, during, or after a move by using moving containers that also double as storage units.

  • Disassembly/Reassembly
  • Packing And Unpacking
  • Moving And Transportation
  • Handyman Services
  • Storage

Depending on your needs, you can charge one or more of them, paying only for the amount of storage space you use for your stuff. With all of your products packed, transported, and delivered with perfection and at a reasonable cost, without any damage, you will have a whole ideal Moving and storage service company Dubai at a lower cost and affordable pricing compared to others.

Creative Solutions

We will go ahead that extra mile to ensure our clients welfare, our working hours convenient.

Professional Team

We have the most famous experts in reputable company providing great advice on Wills.

Diverse Approach

We don’t believe in the sales culture, but instead we believe in the service culture.

Benefits of Service

A cost-effective way to move, portable moving containers offer a hybrid approach to moving. Moving containers also double as storage units, so you can store your belongings before, during or after a move.

Upon arriving at the destination, all items are placed in the rooms you designate. We ensure that all the furniture is set for your family to settle in the new home.

Before loading the truck, our team of professionals carefully take apart furniture that needs to be disassembled and provide you with the best of our services.

Be it Moving Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, Pianos etc., each and every item is loaded in a systematic process into the truck and secured inside.